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Mehrsprachigkeit einbeziehen

Mehrsprachigkeit einbeziehen


The lesson plan “On the Global Peace Path” addresses the educational needs of students from migration-background communities, but it benefits all learners since it emphasizes linguistic diversity. It aims to eradicate language stigma in the classroom and improve participation and literacy engagement of students with migrant backgrounds.

Students with migrant backgrounds often belong to the subset of marginalized groups. Marginalized groups experience “acute and persistent disadvantages rooted in underlying social inequalities” (UNESCO 2009b, p.1). For migration-background communities, there are three potential sources of educational disadvantage: home-school language switch; low socio-economic status and social discrimination (Cummins 2015, p.97-98). In the EFL classroom, students with migrant backgrounds learn English through a second language, which presents an additional challenge.

To respond to the needs of students with migrant backgrounds, an effective learning environment should be built in a differentiated classroom. Every student should feel safe and welcomed. They support each other and collaborate with teachers for success.

Age group: 4th or 5th grade; 10-11 years old

Area of support: Students with migrant backgrounds who come to Germany and study English as a foreign language

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